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Shamanic Reiki differs from traditional Reiki with the addition of shamanic techniques, that, when layered on top of the reiki energy treatment, a much more complete and personal Reiki on Line healing experience.

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Shamanic Reiki

As a shamanic Reiki practitioner and coach, I include shamanic journeying, the use of stones, crystals, plants, feathers, and drums, or other earth elements in the Reiki session, and “cutting cords,” or energetically severing ties between people.

Pulling and moving energy as required, to provide the optimum balance and care for my clients. Reiki moves energy in a very palpable way for those sensitive to such things.


Karen Dollmont

Karen works along side a team of spirit animal helpers. Her Healer animal is a Red Dragon, who often accompanies Karen as she’s working with clients. She calls it the Dragons Breath. It’s truly remarkable how this technique heals. Often times your healer animal will present itself and assist in the Shamanic Reiki session.

Shamanic Reiki both strengthens and reinforces intuitive power, in both the giver and receiver. Both in person or distance are powerful. Karen studies the Hopi and Mayan disciplines.

Licensed Shamanic Reiki Therapist

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is employed.

It is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

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Grief Counselling

Often a grieving client requires a cleaning of their energy body, often their frequently energy body is surrounded by darkness, suppressing their energy and keeping the body and mind in stress. Their organs can be filled with the emotions surrounding grief that they are stuffing, such as fear, loneliness, anger, sadness.

We can find emotional blocks that the client has put in place to keep from feeling their emotions, such as walls or cages around the heart space.

When organs are overtaxed by emotions, it often filters down to physical level dis-ease such as heart conditions, kidney problems, migraines, anxiety etc. Chakras, especially the heart and root chakras can be distorted and out of balance.

And it is not uncommon to find energy drain lines going in and out of the person’s energy field, as they allow others to use their energy for support during stressful times as well as draw from other people’s energies for support.

Cleaning the energy field and the charkas helps return balance to them both physically and emotionally. As well as journey to assist in the rebalancing and forward motion to move the grief energy.

soul fatigue

Soul Fatigue

Soul fatigue often shows up when working with clients. There are many great techniques for restoring life force energy and balance within the soul. Whether it be soul retrieval, restoration to yourself or others, or extraction of energetic parasites. Using shamanic techniques before, during, or after reiki treatment brings added insight.

Shamanic Reiki both strengthens and reinforces intuitive power, in both the giver and receiver. Both in person or distance are powerful.

tarot card reading

Tarot Reading

The Maya Tarot Deck. Karen offers a unique Mayan Tarot reading method using the Mayan Tarot means relating with primordial forces like time, water, and fire. It means understanding the profound fusion that they had with the jungle, with animal predators of the earth and sky. As well as the earth 20 count.

If the Mayan cards do not call to you don’t worry, Karen has over 10 decks to choose from. Karen has over 30 years experience with intuitive readings, offering mini, regular, and deluxe readings, to answer all your questions. 

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